Thursday, February 21, 2013


I really really enjoyed Undressed by Avery Aster. Not only is there a great story line but it's HOT, HOT, HOT!

Lex Easton is a strong, independent designer, daughter of a rock star, and fearless leader of her design company. Lex is one busy lady who does not need another problem added to her list. That is just what she gets when her supply order does not arrive from Girasoli Garment Company. So she takes matters into her own hands. She arrives on the Mediterranean island where Prince Massimo Tittoni is on holiday.

Prince Massimo Tittoni is the owner of Girasoli Garment Company with a past that has lead to some trust issues. When he meets Lex he is totally taken with her and very physically attracted. The sparks fly instantly with these two but it takes them awhile to get past the fun they have bickering with each other. 

I loved this book. I enjoyed reading the plot of the fashion industry and the fashion show coming together. The romance between Lex & Prince Massimo is fabulous. They are such a dynamic couple that you really cheer them on. They have a chemistry and attitude that clash but yet blend together so well. 

Not only do we get to see the relationship between Lex & her Prince we see the relationship with Lex and her circle of friends. The group is wonderful and would do anything for each other.

This is a debut novel by Avery Aster and she did a great job. She kept my interest all the way through and had a very nice flow. I look forward to see what she has in store for us next.

I agree with the warning in the description this is a hot book with vivid description and language. So if that is not your style you won't enjoy this book. Other wise if you are looking for a HOT, interesting read I think you'll enjoy this book. 


  1. Thank you Crystal for such a wonderful review on Undressed. Your passion for books is what keeps authors like myself going. Hugs, Avery

    1. Thank you Avery all those awesome books is what keeps me wanting to keep reading.