Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rescuing Christmas

How can you possibly go wrong with a book that contains romance, Christmas, and sweet animals? In my "book" you can't, so I was really excited to read Rescuing Christmas. 

Holiday Haven by Vicki Lewis Thompson is the first story in this book. Tansy Dexter is a very caring, animal loving lady with a job she loves working at an animal shelter. Ben Rhodes is a cameraman for a TV studio. When Tansy & Ben meet at the studio & again at the shelter sparks fly. Ben has some issues with not wanting to get attached to a pet again. So he's exactly not the type of person Tansy thinks she should be attracted too. Can Tansy love help Ben find the spot in his heart reserved for a pet again? This Story features a special cat. 

Home for Christmas by Catherine Mann is the second story. Shelby Conrad thinks her marriage with Alex Conrad is over and heading for divorce. Alex is willing to do anything to make Shelby happy even if it is divorce. What Shelby & Alex need is some communication in their relationship. These two are so sure their relationship is over but neither wants it to be. Maybe a road trip to delivery three puppies is just what they need. Not only are we treated to a sweet story of Shelby & Alex in this book we get to see three happy endings for the puppies they deliver. This story has a link to the same animal shelter as Holiday Haven. 

A Puppy for Will by Kathie DeNosky is the last story in the book. This one also has a link to the same animal shelter. Will agrees to foster a horse of a dog for the Christmas holiday. Will's foster puppy introduces helps Will meet his neighbor Macie Fairbanks. Will has trust issues that evolved from his lying, cheating ex-wife. Macie has a secret that she isn't ready to tell. These two have a few things to work out if they are going to be able to make their happily ever after happen. This story has some really cute puppy moments and a few comedy moments due to Marcie's attempt at cooking.

I really enjoyed all three of these story and would recommend them to all my fellow romance readers out there that love pets and Christmas. 

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