Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Return to Willow Lake

I was so excited to read Sonnet's story in Return to Willow Lake. I have read all the other books in this series by Susan Wiggs and enjoyed them. I enjoyed this one as well. There was not as much romance in this one as one might expect but it is still a really great read.

This books starts at the night of Daisy's wedding. Sonnet & her best friend Zack find they have an attraction that they didn't know was there. 
Sonnet is determined to forget it ever happened.

Sonnet thinks she has her life all worked out, she has the perfect job, the perfect boyfriend, and is heading on to the perfect life. Then everything turns crazy. She receives a phone call from her mom, Nina. She has some exciting news she's pregnant. Sonnet rushes home to celebrate her mom's good news. When she arrives home she finds out there is more, her Mom also has a terrible illness that she is going to have to fight while she is pregnant.

Sonnet then knows she has to do the right thing. She's coming home to help her Mom deal with everything. She takes a job that by chance puts her in direct contact with Zach all everyday. Zach who has been her best friend all these years and also Zach the man whom she spent an amazing night that she is trying to forget.

I loved watching Sonnet help her Mom deal. They have such a wonder, amazing relationship. This book shows you a deep family relationship between a mother & daughter with a bond so deep they would do anything for each other. It also shows you how a small town can pull together in a difficult situation. Which is one of the things that I love about small town series books.

Sonnet is torn between helping her mother and pleasing her father that has been absent most of her life. She has a lot of choices to make about her life & what her heart wants not what her mind thinks she wants. 

Zach is the hometown boy that has always been a part of Sonnets life, however their feeling for each other are changing and Sonnet doesn't know what to do about it. 

This book is not only about about the romance of Sonnet & Zach but the deep family foots of a small town girl.

I really enjoyed reading Sonnet & Zach's story. Fair warning there is a lot of emotion in this book and you very well may need some kleenex. 

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