Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bullets and Buckets By Janelle Lee

I enjoyed the Bullets & Boots series that I had read so I was really excited to read Bullets and Buckets By 
Michelle Hanlan is a Big City girl who is spending spending a year on her Grandfather's ranch. This girl just wants to get through the year and get back to the big city. However her Hero Cowboy saves her from a snake and changes things.

Rick is a cowboy through and though. Right down to riding bulls in the Rodeo. Michelle is shocked at his bull riding skills when she attends the Rodeo. 

Sparks fly between Michelle and her cowboy Rick instantly. There is attraction but oh boy do these two know how to push each other buttons. Michelle finds herself not so miserable in her new life on the ranch. It's cute watching a city girl settling into country life. 

 This is one of those really cute romances to watch play out. Janelle Lee had a way of making this relationship grow and mature in 24 pages and it was a sweet read all the way through.

I liked Janelle's flow of writing and I love a good story with a handsome cowboy in it. I look forward to reading more stories from the Bullets & Boots series.

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