Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Caller of Light By TJ Shaw

Caller of Light by TJ Shaw is a wonderful book. I truly enjoyed reading about Carina McKay & her dashing King Marek Duncan.

Carina is treated horribly by her father & half sister. So without receiving the love she needs from her family she spends her time & showers her love of the Critons, her favorite is little Mira. When King Duncan comes to court her sister, he meets Carina and develops a fondness for her. Before he leaves he has choose Carina over her sister. Of course this terribly angers her sister, she is the favored sister and always gets what she wishes. 

Carina & Marek bond on their travels back to Mareks land. There is a sweet connection between these two right away. In their travels they encounter a battle and many other issues they have to over come together. Carina & Marek make a powerful couple that keeps you cheering for them along the way. 

I would recommend this book to the fantasy romance readers out there. I know your going to enjoy it. I myself can not wait to see what TJ Shaw might have in store for us next. I would love to read more by her!

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