Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mack's Witness by Myla Jackson ~ Hearts & Heroes #2 ~ Review

Mack's Witness is the second book in the Hearts and Heroes series. I am very lucky to say I have read both books so far. Myla Jackson has once again written a very fast paced, drama filled, steamy story that kept me on the edge of my set. 

Mack and Deirdre are both part of a wedding party and meet at the airport. Mack has an instant attraction to Deirdre. Deirdre thinks that Mack is pretty hot as well. These two bicker a lot of first which leads to some humorous scenes and then some fireworks. Oh my, when things heat up, they get hot really fast. So be sure to grab that cold drink. 

This book is set at the wedding of Wyatt and Fiona. Wyatt and Fiona's story was told in Wyatt's War. So it was great to see their wedding take place. The other fun thing about a wedding setting is that of course family is involved. I always enjoy books that include the family. It makes for some interesting background on the characters. 

Deirdre sees something that she sure did not mean to and the bad guys sure wish she wouldn't have. I love how Mack takes charge to keep her safe. It was a lot of fun watching Mack and Deirdre get to know each other while he's keeping her safe. There is plenty of drama and a few worrisome moments. I am one of those readers that becomes attached to the new friends I am reading about so I worry when things go wrong. 

Over all this another awesome story to add to this great series. I know I will certainly be looking forward to the next book in this series. I'm sure it too will keep me completely captivated and on the edge of my seat just as this one did. 

This is part of a series but you won't have any trouble read it as stand alone if you want to pick it up first. If you enjoy steamy drama filled stories you will enjoy Wyatt's War as well. 

I was given the opportunity to read this book so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Mack's Witness

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  1. Yum! I love Myla's books, I think she writes great stories and I look forward to reading these. Thanks for the great review.