Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Boots and the Bachelor by Myla Jackson ~ Ugly Stick Saloon #9 ~ Review

Are you a fan of cowboy stories like me? You really should check out Myla Jackson's Ugly Stick Saloon series. This is has hot cowboys, lots of fun characters, and of course when you are looking at a Myla Jackson story you know it's going to be a great story. 

Angus McFarlan is a true cowboy at heart. When his father passed away he and his brother came home to help their mom take care of the ranch. Now Mom wants grand kids and to see her kids settled. She will do what ever she has to in order for them to settle down and find Ms. Right. 

Angus and his brother go to town to chat and maybe figure out how to talk their Mom out of her plan. Little do they know the Ugly Stick Saloon is hosting it's Bachelor auction. Oh my! 

Gwendolyn Graves has been busy building her company and raising her adorable little boy. Dalton has reached an age where Gwen things it is time for a male influence in his life. She goes home to visit her best friend and ends up at the Ugly Stick Saloon's Bachelor auction. A few drinks later she sees her old flame Angus up for bid. OH my that is when the fun starts!

The sparks between these two are hotter then any fireworks display. Their feelings and attraction are just as strong now as when they were younger. They both have things going on in their lives and are just not sure now is the time for a relationship. 

I love when there are kids involved in story lines. They just seem to add so much to the story. Dalton is adorable and takes quickly to Angus, his brother, and his mother. They whole family falls instantly for both mother and child. I loved watching Angus interact with Dalton. This big hunky cowboy is so cute and gentle with little Dalton that has never been on a ranch before. 

Gwen has a few problems to deal with that leads to some pretty strong drama. I loved watching how a bunch of people pulled together to try to help her with her problem. 

Overall I really enjoyed this story. It was fun getting a chance to visit the Ugly Stick Saloon and see some old friends from previous books. I quickly found a great connection with Gwen and I just plain adored Dalton. Angus is handsome and has all those great cowboy traits that I love in these stories. He's charming, caring, gentle, but strong, independent, and willing to kick butt when someone threats those he cares about. The storyline was intriguing and kept me turning pages. There are some pretty hot steamy scenes, a nice reunion romance story, and plenty of humor as well. 

Boots and The Bachelor are part of the Ugly Stick Saloon series but can easily stand alone. If you have read any of the previous books you will find some familiar faces in the crowd at Ugly Stick though. I liked to catch up with old friends and see how they are doing. I think that is my favorite things about series. 

I was given the opportunity to read this great book so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Boots and the Bachelor. 

I am excited to see what is next in this series. I hope it is one of the other McFarlan brothers. Their mom wants them to find wives and I just can't wait to see how that plays out for the other two brothers.

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