Thursday, December 3, 2015


By Lisa Weaver

His assignment to protect her places their hearts in the line
of fire...

The one and only time covert bodyguard Luke Reynolds allowed
the line between duty and desire to blur, pleasure came at too high a price. Despite his vow never to become emotionally entangled again, when he discovers a lovely interloper on the grounds of his private estate he's captivated. When the woman disappears from his life as quickly as she entered it, he knows he should be relieved. So why isn't he?

Publisher: Kindle Press
Pages: 173
Genre: Romance

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As a motivational speaker, words were Brianna’s livelihood.
She had never been at a loss for them. Until now. Her tongue seemed to be
paralyzed. Distracted by the impossibly broad shoulders and the taut, six-pack
abs currently permeating her line of vision, she somehow couldn’t pull a single
cohesive sentence together.

His musky cologne, a perfect counterpoint to the scent of
the pine forest surrounding them, teased her senses. The heat radiating from
his water-droplet-bejeweled body drew her closer, making her forget all about
her initial desire to flee.

Common sense dictated she didn’t belong in a secluded lake
with a complete—if albeit sexier-than-sin—stranger. But when she made the
mistake of looking into his eyes again, that common sense executed an abrupt
U-turn. Her heart did a free fall from her tonsils to her toes, taking all of
her good intentions right along with it.

The eyes locked on hers were heated. Hungry. She’d thought
she’d been melting earlier, when she’d pitted her body against the brutal
terrain on her mountain bike, but that was nothing compared to the way this
man’s presence ratcheted up her body temperature. Not surprising—he was hot
enough to melt an Arctic ice cap.

He extended a tanned hand. “Since we’ve established you have
my permission to enjoy my lake, I think introductions are in order. I’m Luke
Reynolds. And you are . . . ?”

Surely it would be polite to answer him, but she hesitated
all the same. She was in the middle of a secluded forest. The man certainly
didn’t look like an ax murderer, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t one. And as for
her name . . . well, it had recently been splashed across every newspaper from Maine
to Hawaii. As soon as she uttered
it, there was little doubt he’d realize his trespasser was none other than “the
Reluctant Heiress.”

Brianna cringed every time the media bandied around the
moniker they’d coined for her when the truth surrounding her paternity had
leaked. She’d taken this vacation to escape notoriety for a while, and she
wasn’t ready to give up the blissful anonymity she’d found here.

Fortunately she bore little resemblance, now, to the picture
the papers had dredged up to accompany the story. Keeping one arm wrapped
firmly against her chest, she tentatively reached out to shake the stranger’s

“Heather. Heather Wright.” Amazingly, the fictitious name
rolled smoothly off her tongue—despite her stuttering insides.
His eyes narrowed for a moment as he regarded her, and she
was afraid he could see right through her lie. But then his warm fingers
wrapped around hers.

“Welcome to my lake, Heather. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

About the Author:

Lisa Weaver loves living in Maine, although she occasionally fantasizes about moving to a state with milder temperatures. On the upside, the long, cold winters give her plenty of time to plot her next romance.

Lisa also loves books, and can't imagine a world without the written word to enrich us, inspire us, entertain us, and touch our hearts. She's thrilled to make a small contribution to the treasure trove. She began her writing career penning articles and short stories, but it has long been her dream to write
romance novels. Thanks to the Amazon Kindle Scout program, that dream is now a reality.

Lisa is the first to admit her romances aren't serious literature. She thinks of her stories as fluffy, fun, romantic romps--like decadently rich cupcakes, heavy on the frosting.

She loves to hear from readers! Please drop by and visit her anytime at her website,  You can also keep in touch with the latest Weaver Romance happenings via her Facebook and Twitter pages.

Her latest book is the romance novel, Her Billionaire Bodyguard Bridegroom.
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