Saturday, December 5, 2015

#Sale DEATHWISH by Dana Marton - #Free - When You Return To Me By Dana Marton

DEATHWISH (A Small-Town Christmas Romantic Mystery) has a 4.9 rating on over 100 Amazon reviews.  And although it's the sixth book in the Broslin Creek series, it's easily read as a standalone novel.


Officer Gabriella Maria Flores desperately needs a big win to save her career. A case that proves that she has her act together, something non-controversial to make people forget the recent scandal she's been involved in. Instead, the murder she catches couldn't be more high-profile, the number one suspect the police captain's brother.

Means, motive, opportunity--check. An open-and-shut case, if she's ever seen one.

But then, instead of arresting the suspect, why is she falling in love with him?

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My Review of Deathwish may be found here

Dana has also written a sweet, holiday short story, When You Return To Me,  as a gift to her readers.  It's FREE on iBooks,Kobo and GooglePlay, and just 99c on Nook and Kindle.  And it will be free on Kindle as soon as Amazon price-matches!


A sweet, romantic Christmas short story from the author of the NY Times bestselling Broslin Creek series. 

Maggie O'Connor thought she lost everything when she lost her true love, Cameron Gardner, four years ago. 

Grab this story and find out about her Christmas miracle.

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