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#SpotLight ~ Christmas Kisses ~ The Right to Remain Single by BARBARA MONAJEM ~ @BarbaraMonajem

Christmas Kisses
A Collection of Historical Romances
Including: The Right to Remain Single by BARBARA MONAJEM

Take a break from the hectic holiday season with this collection of timeless Christmas Kisses. From USA Today Bestselling and award-winning authors, this set includes -
A Knight's Christmas Wish by LANA WILLIAMS -
Weary and injured, Sir Rylan wants only to return home for Christmas but first must deliver terrible news to a now widowed lady. Lady Kayte has been miserable married to a gruff lord and fears her late husband’s brother will claim her. Will the strong, handsome knight be the answer to her prayers?

Destiny’s Kiss by ELIZABETH ROSE -
A surprise kiss under the mistletoe from a burly Scot has the English Lady Annalyse wishing she hadn’t been raised in a nunnery. Ross Douglas has come to England for revenge, but finds his destiny changed in ways he could have never imagined. Can one kiss change the fate of two people forever?

Wish Upon a Winter Solstice by EMMA PRINCE –
When Keita Cameron trespasses onto the lands of her clan’s enemy, she never expects to come face to face with the man they call the Demon of Loch Moy—or succumb to the dark heat her captor stirs within her.

Mistletoe Magic by LAUREL O'DONNELL –

A confident knight arrives home to find his childhood friend grown into much more than he remembered. The lady of the castle keeps a dangerous secret that threatens all she holds dear. Will Mistletoe Magic save them?

The Right to Remain Single by BARBARA MONAJEM –
Thomasina Warren has sworn never to marry, but all that stands between her and the latest stodgy suitor of her father’s choice is a very protective ghost. When James Blakely offers to get rid of the ghost, he thinks he’ll be doing a good deed. Instead, he is faced with the hostile Thomasina, her cowardly suitor, pigheaded father, lecherous cousin, an exorcist monk, and a ghost who warns of danger and deadly peril—and a few short days in which to convince Thomasina that with the right man, she might just want to marry after all.

Highland Mists by HILDIE MCQUEEN –
When a strong warrior, Declan, is forced to marry, he does everything in his power to keep from it. Love comes in the most unusual way in this delightful Highlander romance.

Upon A Midnight Clear by AMANDA MCCABE –
Antoinette Duvall and Captain Mark Payne both live relatively lonely lives on the fringes of English village life, but a special moonlit encounter on Christmas Eve brings them together and alters the course of their lives.

Unkissable Knight by ANNA MARKLAND –
Dervenn de Roure is a hero of the Battle of Hastings, the same conflict that left Victorine orphaned and facing poverty. She must marry to survive. Dervenn's scarred face bears testimony to his sacrifice, but the haughty Victorine cannot overlook the fact he is Breton, not Norman. It might take an unlikely matchmaker like William the Conqueror to make her see Dervenn is the man she needs.

Wild Highland Mistletoe by ELIZA KNIGHT –
Dunrobin Castle is overflowing with excitement and holiday spirit because of the upcoming Sutherland clan gathering. But when a mysterious missive arrives begging Laird and Lady Sutherland for help in a rescue mission, they leave the safety of the castle, and ride headlong into a trap.

One Knight’s Kiss by CATHERINE KEAN –
Days before Christmas, Lady Honoria Whitford buys a book at the market to add to her prized collection. As Christmas mischief under the Kissing Bough unfolds with Lord Tristan de Champagne, so does the secret of the book—one destined to bring great peril but also ever-after love.

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Excerpt from  The Right to Remain Single by BARBARA MONAJEM:

James Blakely opened his bedchamber door upon an appalling sight.
A lady, standing next to his writing desk clad only in her nightdress, turned to him with a dazzling smile. “Mr. Blakely, how romantic.” She indicated the pile of papers he’d been working on that afternoon. “I didn’t know you wrote poetry!”
“I don’t,” he said, unable to stop himself from looking her up and down. She was so damned pretty—there was no denying he found her attractive—but good God, what if someone heard them? He shut the door softly and glared at her. “What the deuce are you doing here, Miss Warren?”
Thomasina’s flush showed clearly in the light of a branch of candles. “I came to ask a favor of you.”
The ghost, who had removed his plumed hat in the presence of a lady, beamed and nodded at James.
“At midnight?” James snapped. “In my bedchamber?”
She blushed even more—and what a beautiful sight she was. “What better time and place?”
The ghost grinned widely. He mentioned midnight and bedchambers far too often in his execrable poems.
“For what?” James demanded, trying not to notice how enchantingly her chestnut hair tumbled about her shoulders.
“For…for love.” Her gaze flickered to the scattered sheets of bad verse. “Who is she, your inamorata?”
“My—my what?” He shook his head. “She’s not real,” and then, at a sudden gust of frigid air on his spine, “not alive, anyway. She’s the lady love of our resident ghost.”
“Ah, the dashing Cavalier I’ve heard about. That explains the slightly archaic feeling of the poems.” She took a deep breath. Her bosom rose and fell. “In that case, what I’m about to ask is acceptable.”
Nothing was acceptable about this situation. “Miss Warren, I do not wish to be discourteous, but this is most improper, and you must leave at once. Ask your favor of me tomorrow, in daylight, in a less compromising location.”
She didn’t move. “Tomorrow will be too late.”
“A pity, but nevertheless you may not remain here.” He returned to the door, motioning with his chin, hoping to get rid of her without actually touching her. “Back to your own bedchamber. Now.”
Thomasina faltered a little, but instead of obeying, she approached, looking up at him with wide, grey eyes. Meanwhile, he struggled not to lower his gaze to her bosom, which jiggled as she moved. The ghost watched them, highly amused.
“Please don’t be upset, Mr. Blakely. It’s just a simple favor. I’m sure it can’t be difficult, as it’s done all the time.”
He gritted his teeth. “What is done all the time?”
“Carnal knowledge,” she said calmly. “It’s quite simple, really. All I want is for you to ruin me.”

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