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Taming Miss Tisdale by Jessica Jefferson ~ Goddess Fish Promotions ~ Interview ~ Giveaway

By Jessica Jefferson

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Crystal: Today as part of this Goddess Fish Promotions Tour I have the chance to ask Jessica Jefferson a few questions. Welcome Jessica, I'm so happy to have you here today. Would you share a little bit about yourself with us today?

Jessica: I write historical romance.  I’ll read most anything, but love writing regency.  I make my home in north-central Indiana. I used to live a lot closer to Chicago, and I’m still a little traumatized from the move (it’s only been ten years).  I like to think that I live in “almost Chicago”, but in all reality I’m closer to Ohio than Illinois.  I used to work two full time jobs – one in healthcare, the other as mother to two girls – ages 8 and 3. Now, I’m a full time writer and mother, with a dab of healthcare here and there.

Crystal: Do you have a favorite scene you would like to share with us?

Jessica: My favorite scene is with Marc and Jason. They’re best friends, and I think they really play off each other. Marc’s uptight, Jason’s the ideal rogue. I love the bromance.

Crystal: Where did you come up with the idea for Taming Miss Tisdale?

Jessica: I have a few sisters, and my mother is one of five sisters, so I’ve always been fascinated with the dynamics there. Sisters can be so different, yet still come from the same household. The Regency Blooms series is about four sisters, each one with completely different personalities. This book is about the hoyden, Tamsin. What family doesn’t have one of those?

Crystal: What are you currently working on?

Jessica: I’m working on the story of Lilly Tisdale. She’s the ugly duckling of the family and falls in love with a seemingly unattainable man. It kind of reminds me of middle school – like being the chubby, unpopular kid and falling head over heels for the quarterback.  Not that I speak from experience or anything (insert awkward laugh here).

Crystal: Do you have any special routine that you follow when you are writing?

Jessica: I listen to a little bit of music. It ranges from classic rock to classical. I always have a few cans of diet coke at my side and chances are I’m wearing something with an elastic waist.

Crystal: Did you have to do a lot of research for this book or any other? If so do you have a fascinating fact that you have learned you would like to share with us?

Jessica: The great thing about regency is that it’s probably one of the best researched areas. I always end up doing some sort of random internet search at one point during the writing process. I’m a big fan of Historical Hussies or History Undressed.  Everything I learn from those two sites is fascinating so I recommend that everyone visit to learn random, and fun facts about history.

Crystal: Who are some of your favorite authors that you like to read?

Jessica: I have a pretty long list – Kathleen Woodiwiss, Eloisa James, Julie Anne Long, Lisa Kleypas, Lisa Renee Jones, Sherry Thomas – I’m going to stop there, but please know that I could have gone on for at least a dozen more names

Crystal: Is there a genre you haven't written that you would like to try?

Jessica: I have been playing with a New Adult centered around the medical field. It’s a slow going process and I do have some difficulty switching back and forth from modern to historical. Even though – it does make for some pretty funny scenes.


Miss Tamsin Tisdale believes herself to be completely unsuitable for London life. After a myriad of social mishaps, and the potential ruination of her family name, she’s shipped away to her cousin’s northern estate. Only after she comes to her senses will she be welcomed home.

Marcus Winston, the Duke of Grayson, has a lackluster reputation. The last in a dying line, he’s endured a protected life—rank with privilege, encumbered by isolation. After a brief encounter with rebellion, he learns the devastating consequences of his carelessness and willingly accepts living life from inside his gilded cage.

However, a chance meeting with the brazen Miss Tisdale gives Marc the opportunity to reinvent himself into the man he’s always dreamed of being. When his deception comes to light, and ghosts from both their pasts threaten to unravel the intimacy they’ve come to cherish, will either of them set their fears aside long enough to embrace love? Or will Miss Tisdale’s stubbornness divide them?


Jason looked bored. “Get to the important part, Grayson. Was she beautiful?”

Again, Marc was ill-prepared to answer such a question. Taken individually, that large mouth, those plump pink lips, her long nose, red hair, and freckled skin—nothing about her was spectacular by any means. But together, all those odd pieces and parts, which seemed so ordinary at first glance, fit together to form the picture of a particularly stunning woman.

“Yes,” he answered quite simply. No need to give Jason any more fodder for discussion by rambling on like some sort of awful poet.

Jason grinned from ear to ear. “Well, that is quite eventful, indeed.” He swept a crumb off his jacket sleeve. “Does this original have a name?”

Marc stopped suddenly, his coffee halfway to his lips. “Name?”

Jason laughed. “Yes, her name. This unique creature has to have a name. Diana? Aphrodite? Venus, perhaps?” Then Jason stopped laughing as realization spread over his face like a mordant rash. “You don’t know her bloody name, do you?”

Marc set his cup down on the table and stared at it. “She never volunteered the information and I never bothered to ask.”


Jessica Jefferson makes her home in northern Indiana, or as she likes to think of it—almost Chicago.  She is heavily inspired by classic sweeping, historical romance novels, but aims to take those key emotional elements and inject a fresh blend of quick dialogue and comedy.  She invites you to visit her at and read more of her random romance musings. and
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    I love the regency era also.

    Thanks for the giveaway and interview.

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