Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Man at Work by Chanta Rand ~ Has this ever happened to you? ~ #MFRWHooks

I'm excited to host Chanta Rand today for a MFRW Book Hook blog hop. There is a nice excerpt below from Man at Work. Have you ever been in this situation? What did you do? Any chance a handsome prince was behind you to help out?

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Man at Work
By Chanta Rand


She’d have to put something back. But what?  She needed the nails, the leveler, and the three dozen chrome cabinet handles. She had a kitchen full of refinished cabinets waiting for an extreme makeover. 
Just as she was debating whether or not to keep the circular saw, a deep baritone sounded behind her. “Allow me to help, pretty lady.”
When Candace turned toward the source of the voice, her expression of gratitude died in her throat. Dark brows and lashes as thick as fringe framed a sexy pair of chestnut colored eyes that boldly scanned her from the toes of her fresh pedicure to the tops of her threaded eyebrows. The fact that they were attached to the most devastatingly handsome face she’d seen in a long time didn’t hurt.  Her benefactor had a smooth bald head and full lips that she imagined were well-versed in providing hours of unbridled pleasure.    
Unfortunately, the five star review ended there.  Not even the man’s square jaw and bulging biceps could detract from his disheveled appearance.  Splatters of white paint liberally dotted his clothing from the collar of his well-worn black t-shirt to the tips of his dingy steel-toed boots. Maybe she could have appreciated his chiseled physique if not for the ripped and dusty jeans encasing his muscular thighs.
She was not being rescued by Prince Charming, but by the enchanted frog instead.“No thanks,” she declined his offer. “I can’t allow you to pay for me.”“You can pay me back when you have dinner with me tonight.”


Real Estate Agent, Candace Jones is looking for man who can work it in the boardroom as well as the bedroom. What she's not looking for is a man with paint on his jeans and sawdust under his nails. That's why when she meets handsome Gabe Hunt at a local hardware store, she doesn't give him the time of day. 

Millionaire, Gabe Hunt is captivated by Candace's full curves and sassy attitude. He wishes she would look beyond his beat up truck and rough exterior. He's more than just a fix-it man, but he keeps his true identity a secret from Candace, hoping she's not just another gold digger. 

When Candace finds herself in need of Gabe's help to secure a lucrative contract, she learns he's not the average man at work.

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