Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Evergreen Springs by RaeAnne Thayne ~Haven Point #3 ~ REVIEW

A Christmas book by RaeAnne Thayne, allow me just a moment revel in my glory for a moment here. I love Christmas stories and RaeAnne Thayne is one of my very favorite authors. To say that I could not wait to read this book would be an extreme understatement. Evergreen Springs lived up to every glorious expectation that had. Of course I don't think I have ever been let down my a RaeAnne Thayne book. This talented lady knows how to write a small town romance story. 

I remembered Devin Shaw from the previous book in this series. I already had a small connection with her so it did not take long for me to form a bond with this strong, independent, intelligent, so kind hearted lady. She loves her job and takes her responsibility to heal very seriously. She is kind to her patients and takes time to listen to their problems whether they meet in her office, the hospital, or may be the grocery store. I loved that about Devin she knows everyone and cares for them all. 

Cole Barrett has a troubled past that weighs him down with heavy baggage. He loves his kids and I admired that quickly. He is doing his best to help his kids deal with a tremendous loss and they are all getting to know each other. Cole maybe just a tad bit, stubborn may be a good word. He's has a kind heart that shows with his and kids and his sister. He keeps to himself and does what needs to be done. 

Devin and her kind heart step in to help Cole with the kids. She's great with the kids and pretty darn good with Cole too. They have an instant attraction but they both try to fight it. There is plenty of drama as these two get to know each other and find deeper feelings than either of them anticipate being there. 

I love stories with kids because they add so much. Jazmyn is a sweet little girl that tends to put up a wall of harsh words and a "I don't care" attitude to deal with her loss and the changes in her life. Ty is the sweetest little boy. He opens his heart and trust to anyone that is kind to him. These two really do add a nice touch to the story line and certainly touched my heart. 

Ms. Thayne has written yet another perfect small town romance Christmas story in my book. She has the right mix of emotional issues, romance, friendships, family issues, and the unconditional love of families. There is drama and conflict. 

I love series because I get a chance to see all my "friends" from previous stories. It was great to "see" everyone in Haven Point and enjoy all the great events of the holiday season. This is a wonderful small town to "visit". Everyone is caring and kind to each other and strangers alike. They are there for each other when someone is in need. 

Evergreen Springs is the third book in the Haven Point Series. However I think it will stand alone just fine. I don't think you would feel like you were missing too many pieces if you start here. The whole series is wonderful though. If you love a great small town romance written with a lot of heart then you really should check out RaeAnne Thayne's books. She does a wonderful job of connecting me with the characters quickly and captivating my attention with a great storyline every time. 

I was given the opportunity to read this fabulous book so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Evergreen Springs. 

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  1. Great review by one of my very favorite authors. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Crystal.