Monday, August 3, 2015

My Enchanting Hoyden by Julie Johnstone ~ Once Upon a Rogue #3 ~ REVIEW

I love Julie Johnstone's historical romance stories. I haven't met one yet that was not well written and totally captivating. Ms. Johnstone's characters are always charming, entertaining, and sometimes a just a little on the rebellious side. 

The the lady on the cover of this book fits Jemma Adair to a tee. I love that mischievous look on her face. It just looks like she has a million things on her mind and she is trying to figure out what mischievous thing she is going to do next. 

I think I may have met my favorite character in the Once Upon a Rogue series so far. Of course I think I have been enchanted by each and every character in this series. They are all wonderful. However Jemma Adair had me laughing out loud with her mischievousness.This girl is a hoot and I just loved her. She's sweet, charming in her own way, mischievous, creative, a little sassy, and this girl has spunk. She has also had her heart broken, lost her mother way too soon, had to grow up quickly, and wants to protect her younger (twin) sister Anne from all the hurts of the world. Ms. Johnstone had me laughing and crying with Jemma. 

Philip De Vere, Lord Harthorne, is responsible for his mother and takes care of all the finances. The problem being there isn't much in the way of finances to keep. He is need of a solution to their money problems and he needs that solution sooner rather than later. He feels he must marry for money. So he sets out to fall in love with or at least like with a lady that has a nice dowry. He'd rather marry for love then money but a Lord has to do what a Lord has to do to take care of things. Phillip is one of those really sweet guys that believes in love and happily ever after. He's just adorable. 

When Philip meets Jemma the friction and tension between these two is humorous. They are both just a little bit sassy and Jemma of course wants to come off as completely unacceptable to everyone. This girl does everything she can think of so that the men of the Ton or anyone that may want to court her will find her highly less than desirable. 

Once Phillip and Jemma get a chance to know each other though they find they have common interest and form a friendship. Phillip will help Jemma be disinterest her current suitor and Jemma will help Phillip to become  a rake. I loved watching these two get to know each other. They are really so perfect for each other but they had to fight their feelings because they didn't think they could have each other. 

Jemma and Anne's Grandfather has been offish and maybe a little harsh since they have arrived. I really liked how Jemma figured out what is going on. I won't tell you what but I will tell you that I loved this part of the story. It's really quite sweet. 

This story really reached out and touched me. I was completely captivated by Phillip and Jemma's story. I had so much fun reading about all their mischief, their romance, and their combined effort to help Anne with a problem. I don't want to tell you too much about this fabulous story. I will tell you that even if you haven't read the other books in the Once Upon a Rogue series you won't have any trouble enjoying this one. If you have read the other stories you are going to love the chance to catch up with some friends from the previous books. I know I did. 

Julie Johnstone is honestly one of my very favorite authors when it comes to historical romance. She writes a historical romance the way I like to read them. I can not wait to see what this very talented author has up her sleeve for us lucky readers next. 

I was given the opportunity to read and review this great story so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts on My Enchanting Hoyden.

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  1. Crystal,

    Your review truly touched me! Thank you eve so much for the time and care you take to read my books and write reviews. I'm so glad Jemma and Philip touched you! Hugs to you!

  2. Very pretty book covers!!!---Rae