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#GiveAway #SpotLight ~ Trouble in the Elf City by Anna del C. Dye ~ @AnnaDelC

Anna del C. Dye has released the audiobook for the second book of her Silent Warrior Trilogy, "Trouble in the Elf City". To commemorate this event she is giving away an Audible promo code for Book One: The Elf and the Princess or Book Two: Trouble in the Elf City. To win answer in the comments: What do you like best about High Fantasy?

Anna's books are Young Adult, clean, medieval fantasies.

The Elf and the Princess


A most thrilling and captivating tale for readers of all ages.

Menarm was a great and prosperous kingdom, known throughout the land for its friendly, hardworking people and fair trade. But a bitter struggle of succession between twin brothers left the kingdom devastated, the people di­vided. Some stayed with Fenil, who had conquered the crown, others followed Renil to the wild lands of the north, founding a new kingdom.
Now Adren, the last princess of the newly vanquished realm of Menarm, finds herself alone in a world where women live in the shadows of men. Not only must she battle her enemies, but also a truth that could obliterate her last hope for happiness and bring dishonor to all those whom she holds dear. On her quest, she finds unlikely allies in a powerful prince and a defiant mercenary, only to be devastated by an ancient and wily elf.
The Elf and the Princess is a brilliant tale of high adventure, true love and medieval-style warfare between elfs, their enemies, and mankind. Drawing inspiration from the myths and legends of Europe and from such writers as Tolkien, Anna del C. Dye spins a completely original tale that will leave the readers wanting more.

You can find an excerpt of this audiobook here: 

Trouble in the Elf City


To Achieve Peace, War is Oftentimes Inevitable
In the serene and beautiful city of the elfs, life has changed but little since Menarm was destroyed and the war ended. Three springs have passed and Adren, the last princess of Menarm, has settled into her new life. Her champion, the Silent Warrior, has not been seen since the battle at Wilapond.
Suddenly the peaceful life in her new kingdom is challenged by enemies the elfs are unable to fight. Disaster seems imminent for their whole race. She'll have to witness the destruction of this kingdom and once again find herself alone in the world? Or can the Silent Warrior come to her rescue and save them all?
Anna del C. has woven a completely original tale full of suspense, adventure, and medieval-style warfare in Trouble in the Elf City book two of The Silent Warrior Trilogy. Join in the continuing saga of Adren and the elfkind, in book two of The Silent Warrior Trilogy.

You can find an excerpt of this audiobook here: 

About the Author: 

AnnaAnna del C. Dye was born in Valparaiso, Chile amongst some of the world's most famous beaches. She grew up in the middle, after her twin, Elena. 
After meeting Rodney, a native of Idaho, in her hometown, Anna traveled to Utah on Christmas Eve and married him two weeks later. An article about their love story, Why Me? was published in spring 2010 by Covenant in the book Angels Round About. Anna and Rodney reside in Taylorsville, Utah and are the parents of three princes and a princess.
Anna, showed an affinity for sewing and took classes that rewarded her with the opportunities of doing costuming for the cast of four musicals, and a movie, which she enjoyed immensely. She is in charge of the costumes for the Elf Court in Utah's own Fantasy Con. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Anna is an accomplished, multi-award winning author. She received the Editor's Choice Award from the International Library of Poetry. Second place for the first page of A Kingdom by the Sea. Bronze medal for Elfs in a Conquered Realm.  Her short story entitled Amerine—Fairy Princess won an award in the Oquirrh Writers contest and was published by Kalkion Magazine. Her article, A New American Mother, was published by Desert Saints Magazine. Other articles about family and relationships have been published frequently in the MOMS CLUB® of Salt Lake Valley-West.

She is the author of The Silent Warrior Trilogy, Curse of the Elfs, A Royal Elf of Abalon, Shahira and the Flying Elfs, The Roilden Stones of Elf Mountain. Anna has published an electronic book for sixth-graders name Emerine's Nightmare.

She, has also published a new Royal Romance Series, which include the stand alone books, "Once Upon Two Kingdoms", "Kingdom by the Sea" and "A Golden Princess"

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