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#Interview Unnatural Allies by Shari Elder ~ @ShariElderBooks

Unnatural Allies
 Shifting Alliances, #2 
by Shari Elder

Interview with Shari Elder:

Crystal: Today I have the pleasure of hosting Shari Elder. Welcome Shari! I'm so excited to have you here today. 

Shari: Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I’m very excited to share Unnatural Allies, Book Two in the paranormal romance series, Shifting Alliances. Although part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Crystal: Would you share a little bit about yourself with us today?

Shari: My name is Shari Elder and I write (and read) paranormal and science fiction romance, usually of the spicy variety. I am an explorer by nature, and building new worlds feeds that passion. In the morning I mainline coffee since I wake up at 5:00am to write. As a single mom with a high demand job, that’s the time I have so I keep it sacred. At the end of the day, relax with red wine and social media, periodically popping in on my teen-ager to make sure her plots for world domination remain morally sound.

Crystal: What are you currently working on?

Shari: I am working on a science fiction romance novel called the Scent of Memory, which is book 2 in my Green Rising Series. In this novel, a rebel computer genius is reunited with her fiancée, who she believed to be dead from a mining accident. Instead, he was rebuilt as a cyborg and had his memories wiped.

Crystal: Where did you come up with the idea for either your current release or your current WIP?

Shari: Last year, I released the book Shifter Trials. Although I had not planned for it launch a series, two of the secondary characters in the novella—the wolf beta and heroine’s best friend, and a rat alpha – started bucking for their own story. And I fell in love with the idea of a love story between a rat and a wolf. I love to push boundaries.

Crystal: Do you have a favorite snack that like to munch on while writing? If so would you mind sharing what it is with us?

Shari: Since I write so early, I don’t eat yet as I prefer to have breakfast with my child. However, I am never without a strong, extra-large mug of dark roast coffee with soy milk by my side. Oh, how Starbucks has changed our coffee culture! I couldn’t just say coffee.

Crystal: Do you have a favorite scene you would like to share with us?

Shari: Of course. In this scene, Nicca, a wolf beta, and Evan, the rat alpha, are trapped in a fae prison and admit their love and it is somewhat poignant. Cyn is a fae guarding them and he works for Amaris.

She gazed into Evan’s eyes and nodded. “I’m in love with you,” she admitted, not caring if Cyn listened, not caring if Evan loved her back. They may not live through this, and she wanted him to know.
He leaned his forehead against hers. “I love you, too.” She should be jumping for joy. The man she loved, loved her. Instead, her heart bled buckets, leaving her limp with heartache. A wolf beta and rat alpha. In what universe?
“Amaris is furious. She really wanted rat shifter DNA. She may try to surgically remove it.” Cyn chuckled through the opening. “She isn’t a surgeon.”
“Give us some privacy, Cyn,” Nicca said, her voice cracking from sadness.
“Good thing you still amuse me, she-wolf,” the fae huffed, but light taps on the ground suggested he had moved away.
Nicca stepped back and took both Evan’s hands between hers. “It’s funny, I always imagined when I found love, it would feel like two parts of a heart locking into one. Two halves becoming whole. Like the friendship necklaces in the mall. Silly, I know.”
“What does it feel like?”
“A puzzle piece falling into place, and once in, it alters how the picture itself looks. For all the craziness going on out there, it's loving you that truly changes my world. I’m going to be the first vegetarian wolf.”
Laughter bubbled out of him. “And you’d be the only one.”

Crystal: When you are not busy writing wonderful stories to keep us lucky readers entertained, what do you like to do? Do you have a hobby?

Shari: Like many writers, my hobby is reading. I love to lose myself in a good book, explore new worlds, and find new ways of thinking about the universe we live in. I also love pets. I’m not sure it’s a hobby per se, but my fur babies take a lot of time and resources. I have a high-energy dog addicted to walks and playing and a cat who sleeps and sheds and eats when I let him.

Crystal: Do you have a favorite background noise you like to have going while you write (TV, Music, kids playing)?

Shari: Silence. I find music and other noise distracting. It is just me and the page, all five senses focusing in on the story.

Crystal: Thanks for visiting. It has been a pleasure having you visit today. Can you think of anything else you would like to share with us today?

Shari: I love visitors. So, come by and chat. You can find me at:



A World in Transition
Violent fae encroachment on shifter land is heating up. With death tolls rising, the impossible becomes necessary – an alliance among predator and prey shifters.

An Inconceivable Love
Nicca Baron, lone wolf and wolf clan beta, finds herself under the command of Evan Grant, the rat alpha. In different circumstances, he’d be dinner. Or so her wolf keeps reminding her. Evan proves to be a perceptive leader, a skilled fighter and irresistible to her lonely heart.

To rule the rats, you have to rule the pack. Evan is a whiz at managing people and groups. Until he finds himself leading a mission made up of every single large animal that thrives on rat flesh. And not the kind between his legs. The only bright light is Nicca. Her storm gray eyes miss nothing, her brilliant mind comprehends everything and her succulent curves offer the perfect place for a rat to nestle.

An Impossible Future
In each other’s arms, Nicca and Evan discover love and a new perspective in an off-kilter world. But a wolf cannot mate with a rat, no matter the strength of the human attraction.

Genre: M/F Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 28, 2017
Cover Artist: Jay Aheer

Buy Links:
Amazon | Evernight Publishing | Bookstrand

About Shari:

Hello, I'm Shari. By day, I crawl out of bed, mainline coffee, walk the dog, get my kid off to school, hop on the metro, and save cities within the four walls of my office. Usually by email.

At night, the other Shari emerges. I take off the suit, curl up on the couch and let my imagination play, with words and images until stories take shape (while periodically checking on my teen-ager, hiding out in the bedroom and plotting world domination with her furry minions). As my alter ego, I save cities in a cape and spangled tights, wander space and time on a surfboard, fly over the Himalayas on feathered wings, make six-toed footprints in indigo talc snow on the sixth planet in the Andromeda galaxy or eavesdrop on Olympian gods while pretending to whip up a bowl of ambrosia.

In all these wondrous worlds, romance and passion blossom. I can't resist a happy ending. And I am particularly prone to writing happy endings for those who have given up on ever getting one. That gives me immense satisfaction.

Join me on my journey. The best ideas emerge from team work.


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