Saturday, April 25, 2015

Possessing the Witch by Elle James ~ Review

It doesn't matter what genre Elle James writes. This lady captures my attention and holds me spellbound throughout the entire book. 

Possessing the Witch is a fabulous paranormal romance with all types of different paranormal themes. I have to say I was completely fascinated by this storyline. 

Selene Chattox has the special ability to read minds and know when someone is in trouble. She knew someone was in horrible trouble when she found Gryph Leone. Gryph was horribly injured when Selene takes him home to try to help him. Selene has is a very caring witch that I admired very quickly. She goes to great lengths to help those in need. 

Gryph is a lion shifter and isn't always able to control when he shifts. He's one tough guy with a huge heart that I could not help but adore quickly. 

Selene and her sisters are a bunch that I would love to meet. These ladies work well together and are able to find some really creative ways to get themselves and Gryph out of some horrible situations. I hope the rest of the sisters will get a chance to have their stories told because I would love to read more about the Chattox sisters. Witches are one of my favorite paranormal characters. I loved the powers that Ms. James wrote for Selene and her sisters. 

Selene and Gryph work great together. They also have an intense attraction for each other. However they have a lot of obstacles they must over come if they are going to find their way together. They both have unique abilities that they are afraid to share with the other. They have unique families and responsibilities. 

Possessing the Witch is full of suspense, drama, and some steamy love scenes. Overall this is a great story that I could not put down. Just about the time I would think that everyone was safe and all was going to be fine, something else would happen. There was literally danger around every corner. 

I have to say I was completely surprised by one of the bad guys in the story. Wow Ms. James done a great job of leading up to that one. Of course I am not going to tell you who it is. You need to grab up a copy of this story now and find out for yourself. 

If you enjoy a great paranormal story with witches and shifters you really need to grab Possessing the Witch. If you are fan of Elle James' romantic suspense stories I think you will love this one as well. I know I couldn't read this book fast enough to see what was going to happen next. 

I was given the opportunity to read this great story so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Possessing the Witch.

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  1. I enjoy this author's works and this sounds like another great title from her! Thanks for the review!