Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stone Hard SEALs: Ryder & Drake by Sabrina York ~ Review ~

rsz_1rsz_stone-hard-seals-web areStone Hard SEALs is one wildly hot, heart stopping, breath catching, adventurous duet that is a must read.

I had the chance to read Ryder and Lilly's story when it came out in the Alpha Hot SEALs box set. Ryder is part of the SEAL team that is sent to an island to rescue Lilly and her friends that were kidnapped by pirates.  Ryder and Lilly are forced to work together to escape from the island. As they work together and get to know each other quickly they form an instant connection. Their intense chemistry leads to some steaming hot moments while they are in the process of escaping the island. 

Sabrina York is awesome at writing those massively steamy hot scenes that just about melts my kindle while I am reading. She also has a tremendous talent of writing an wild adventure that left me breathless wondering how these two were going to escape this island and make it to safety. 

There is plenty of suspense, drama, twists, and turns in both Ryder and Lilly's story and Drake and Brandy's story.

Drake is also sent to the island to rescue Brandy (a friend of Lilly's) from the pirates that held them captive. However Drake is injured in the process of evacuating with his team and is left behind with Brandy. As luck would have it though Brandy is a nurse. Thank  goodness, Drake is in desperate need of her nursing skills. These two are cute together and have a interesting relationship. They both are a little on the stubborn side and Drake is just a little bit OK maybe more then a little cocky. He is the hot macho SEAL, that at first is everything Brandy believes him to be. As they get to know each other, they find they have more in common then they thought possible. They have an instant connection that quickly to flammable. Ohhhh  how these two do not set those bushes on fire with their chemistry will forever remain a mystery to me. 

As with Ryder and Lilly, Drake and Brandy are in terrible danger they try to escape the island. Just as I would think they might be safe something horrible would happen and they would be in danger or kidnapped again! Oh yeah there is one other small thing that makes their relationship just a little more complicated. I don't want to tell you what so I'll let you go grab your copy NOW and find out.

Stone Hard SEALs is a fabulous duet of stories that are a must read for fans of steaming hot adventure stories. I could not put either story down and finished both in one setting each. 

I was given the opportunity to read these great stories so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Stone Hard SEALs.

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rsz_1rsz_stone-hard-seals-web are  Stone Hard SEALs