Monday, January 30, 2017

#Review - At Close Range by Laura Griffin

At Close Range (Tracers Book 11) by [Griffin, Laura]At Close Range is a heart pumping, breathe stealing, page tuning romance story that held me captivated from the first page to the last. This is a shinning example of Laura Griffin's incredible talent. 

There is one thing I know I can count on when I pick up a Laura Griffin book, I'm in for a great read!

Daniele Harper (Dani) is the lead investigator on a double murder. Her investigation keeps turning up a lot more questions than it does answers. The more clues they find the more puzzling the mystery becomes. Dani is a smart lady, incredibly good at her job, independent, and knows how to handle herself when the going gets tough. I liked Dani right away. She is one of those characters that I connected with right away.

Scott Black has known Dani since they were children. He is best friends with her brother and has been given the hands off speech. So he's fought his attraction to Dani for a while. Scott finds himself smack in the middle of Dani's investigation and sometimes in a bit of hot water with Dani. Scott is good at what he does and hasn't had an easy life. He has been through a lot and some of it still haunts him. 

Scott and Dani are working the investigation together and bad things keep happening to the folks they talk to. The further into the investigation they get the closer they get to the danger. There are some spine tingling action packed scenes that left me wondering what could go wrong next. There are twists and turns, a friends to more story, intermixed with one amazing mystery that has an unexpected ended. 

I really enjoyed the connection between Dani and Scott. The smoldering over the years has added to the sizzle and spark of their attraction. When sizzle and spark mixes it turns into one wild explosion. 

I REALLY enjoyed this marvelous story and could not turn the pages fast enough to see what these two were going to have find their way out of next. 

This is book 11 in Laura Griffin's fantastic Tracer series. However Ms. Griffin does a fabulous job of making each and every book stand on it's own just fine. If you haven't read any of her previous books you may want to pick up a few because you are going to want to devour more of her work soon. I know I always crave her next release. 

I was given the opportunity to read the glorious book and it has been my complete pleasure to share my thoughts with you.

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At Close Range (Tracers Book 11) by [Griffin, Laura]

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