Wednesday, January 25, 2017

#Review - Fool for Love by Heather Boyd, Beverley Oakley, Donna Cummings

Fool for Love by [Oakley, Beverley, Cummings, Donna, Boyd, Heather]Are you looking for a present for that special reader in your life for Valentine's Day? How about one Sizzling Hot historical romance book? I have the perfect book for you. It's Fool For Love by three very talented ladies and some of my very, very favorite authors, Heather Boyd,  Beverley OakleyDonna Cummings.

Each of these wonderful stories are fairly short. If you, like me, enjoy reading in the bath tub they are the perfect size for a nice bath. They would make a great bedtime story, or great distraction while your waiting for an appointment. Honestly I can't think of any time I wouldn't enjoy these.

 His Valentine's Secret, by Beverley Oakley is the first story in the anthology. I discovered Beverley a few years ago and I have been hooked on her books since then. I enjoy her writing style and the characters in His Valentine's Secret are easy to bond with quickly. Lisette goes into the ball with one plan and ends up with more questions than she has answers for. There are a few twist and turns that took me on a stomach dropping roller coaster ride. A very enjoyable ride though I must say. There is romance, a good amount of drama and the perfect amount of suspense that had me turning the pages quickly. Ms. Oakley mentions a title at the end of this story and I MUST get my hands on it. I need to know more.

Truly, My Love, by Donna Cummings is the second book in Fool For Love. I have had a chance to read a few books by Donna Cummings and I've never been disappointment. I really enjoyed the faux romance story line between Lord Benedict and Lady Sommerwood. It was interesting watching these two convince other's they were in a sordid relationship. The more they pretend the more they really got to know each other. Of course you know my very favorite Character was Lord Benedict. I fell for him just by the name and the more I read the more attached I became to him and Lady Sommerwood. I truly enjoyed this story and loved watching these two pretend their way towards a possibly happily ever after that never of them seen coming. 

The last but oh my, certainly not least story in this anthology is A Husband for Mary, by Heather Boyd, There is one thing I know for certain. If Heather Boyd's name is on the cover I must have the book and I know I'm going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it. That was exactly the case with A Husband for Mary. Mary attends a ball that her brother does not want her anywhere near. It's a Masquerade ball and no one knows who is hiding under those elaborate costumes. That is what makes this story so suspenseful for awhile. Mary meets up with a gentleman and shares a kiss and wants more. She just doesn't know who it is she has kissed. The romance is incredibly hot, the story line had me hooked from the first page to the end. The characters are fabulous and very very easy to bond with. I enjoyed the romance, the secrets unveiled, and the family interaction. 

Overall I HIGHLY recommend this fabulous set to any historical romance fans. I think you will find it as enjoyable as I did. If you are reluctant to try a historical romance and not sure you will enjoy the genre, give this one a try. I wasn't a historical romance fan before I found they very talented Heather Boyd. I'm proud to say she hooked me on several other wonderful historical romance authors. 

I was given the extreme pleasure of reading these phenomenal stories and it is my pleasure to share my thoughts with you.

No hurry and grab up your copy of Fool For Love and settle in for a wonderful reading experience. 

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