Friday, January 20, 2017

#SpotLight - Wendi & Tink By Izzy Szyn

Wendi and Tink (Scandalous Fairytales Book 1) by [Szyn, Izzy]
Wendi & Tink

Scandalous Fairytales Book 1

By Izzy Szyn


From NYT Bestselling Author Izzy Szyn:

Wendi and Tink are the first in a series of Scandalous Fairy Tales that will have you looking at the stories these are based on in a different light. 
Wendi is tired of men that act like little boys. Her latest relationship with Pan ended when she found him in her bed with another woman. But when one door closes another one opens, when Wendi gets a call to come in for an interview with Tee Belle of Tinker Toyz, she thinks her dreams of creating toys will finally come true. 
Tee Belle needs another assistant, and believes that Wendi will be the perfect assistant, but there is one thing that Ms. Belle requires above all else: Wendi's Obedience. 


 18+ Only Please

“Pity,” Ms. Belle sat in the chair next to her. Her fingers touching Wendi’s shoulder, involuntarily a shiver ran down Wendi’s spine. Her scent tantalized Wendi’s senses, her favorite scent of peaches mixed with mango. “Are you seeing anyone right now?”
“No, I just broke up with someone last night,” Wendi shivered, Ms. Belle’s hand moved down the front of her dress, cupping her breast through the material. Was Ms. Belle trying to seduce her? Why was she letting her?
“Good, significant others can pose problems,” Ms. Belle’s thumb brushed against her nipple. “To answer your earlier question, I require your complete obedience. You will obey and submit to whatever I want.”
Wendi swallowed nervously, she couldn’t mean what Wendi was thinking? Did she? “Obedience?”
“Yes, walk over to that cabinet,” Ms. Belle pointed at the cabinet hanging on the wall. “Open the doors.”
Doing as she asked, Wendi opened the cabinet, she saw what appeared to be floggers, paddles, ropes, handcuffs. “Is this some kind of joke?”
“No, it isn’t a joke,” Ms. Belle walked towards her. “These will be used on you in some form or other while you work here.” Ms. Belle pulled the top of Wendi’s dress down, kissing the top of her breasts. “I’ve done my research on you. You are what people like to categorize as a good girl. You do whatever your parents tell you. You date guys that they choose for you, but they do nothing for you. You crave to be told what to do, in bed and out of it.”
“No,” Wendi denied, even though Ms. Belle was saying everything Wendi ever thought.
“Are you lying to me? Or yourself?” questioned Ms. Belle. “You’ll come to work, and be expected, of course, to do all the duties normal assistants do, but you’re here for my pleasure. I will fuck you in the morning before we start our day, at times during the day, and before you go home. You’ll also be disciplined. Sometimes because you need to be punished, other times just because.”
“Surely, this can’t be legal,” said Wendi.
“It’s not,” confirmed Ms. Belle. “That’s why I had you sign that confidentiality agreement. Do yYou want to create toys? You’ll be able to do that here. The difference is that you’ll be creating stuff for women, to be used by women. You’ll be paid a lot more than your current salary, plus with every toy you create you get a percentage of the sales.”

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