Sunday, January 8, 2017

#Review - The Total Package by Stephanie Evanovich

The Total Package is the first book I have had the chance to read by Stephanie Evanovich. If this book is an indication it will not be my last. I was hooked at the beginning of the book and I could not wait to see how the whole story was going to play out. I have to say I was impressed. 

Tyson Palmer has seen stardom and he's seen rock bottom. He is a bit skeptical when he's offered the chance to clean up his life, his body, and get his game back. I didn't know how it was going to go. He had hit the bottom so hard I thought it might be really hard for him to climb back up. It is a struggle but he works HARD and has to prove himself to everyone in the football world. I really admired Ty for getting his life back on track. 

Dani Carr has a few secrets and heartaches from her past. When she is offered (maybe demanded she take the job) a job that is going to put her in contact with Ty she's nervous. I really liked Dani. This lady is tough and she has proven herself in the sports world as a great reporter. 

Dani and Tyson are still attracted to each other after all this time. However there are so many things that could prevent a second chance at a relationship from working. I loved watching these two get to know each other again in a different light and different time.  

My favorite scene is towards the end when Ty and Marcus work together to gain some VERY important information. This is a true act of friend and love. There is romance, laughter, drama, secrets to be revealed, family interaction, and friendships that are so true. 

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I liked the characters and became attached to them quite quickly. The story line was interesting and kept me captivated. I liked that Ty worked to gain back everything he had lost and he learned a lot a long the way. He treasured his career changes more and the life that goes with it. He was a lot smarter with money and his life style the second time around.

I would love to get my hands on more of Stephanie Evanovich's work. I have a feeling her other books are just as good.

I was given the chance to read this incredible story and it is my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you.

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