Wednesday, January 4, 2017

#Review - Nearest Thing to Heaven by Lynnette Austin

I have found another new author that has quickly found her way to my MUST READ list. Lynnette Austin's Maverick Junction series is a must read for my fellow hot cowboy fans. 

Nearest Thing to Heaven is the second book in the series and also the second book I have had the pleasure of reading. 

Sophie London is a happy Chicago big city girl. She's only heading to Texas for the most important day of her cousin Annelise's life, her wedding day. I instantly found a fun bond with Sophie. This girl is sweet, kind, and in serious need of a vacation and just maybe a safe place to hang out to find her inspiration again. 

Ty Rawlins is single, a wonderful father to his triplets, and a rancher. He lives on a ranch with cows (Sophie isn't a big fan of large cows running around). He loved his wife very much and his children are the center of his world. He doesn't have time for a romantic relationship and honestly isn't it in the market for one. That is until he sets eyes on Sophie. 

These two could honestly not be more opposites in some ways. There are so many things that are against anything near a happily ever after for them that is makes for some very dramatic moments. There is also laughter, romance, a touch of danger, and great family interaction. Those of you that have read my reviews know I love when family is involved. It adds a nice touch to the story line. Some of my favorite scenes include those adorable triples. 

This is part of a series and does include the characters from Somebody Like You. I think there is enough back information in the story that you wouldn't have any problem reading this one as a stand alone if you want to start with Sophie's story. However you may just want to grab Somebody Like You while your shopping and enjoy both awesome books. I can not wait to read the next book in the series. I am sure it will be just as awesome as the first two.

I was given the opportunity to read this fabulous story and it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you.

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