Tuesday, February 28, 2017

#Review - Hot Target by Elle James

I'm loving the new Ballistic Cowboys series by Elle James. I could not wait to get my hands on Hot Target and started reading it as soon as it was in my hot little hands. This is yet another captivating story with drama, suspense, mystery, action, and romance. This book has it ALL!

Max "Caveman" Decker is ready to return to his team after being injured on a mission. Instead he's assigned to new task force in Wyoming. This guy is one that I would want in my corner if someone wanted me to disappear in a permanent way. He's smart, really good at his job, charming, and just a good guy. 

Grace Saunders has suffered a lot of heartache in her life. The poor lady thinks it is all her fault and there must be something wrong with her. She has a heart of gold and loves animals. Her love of animals is what puts her in the wrong time and wrong place to see some one murdered. 

Caveman was assigned to watch after someone else. Caveman and Grace end up working together after an encounter in the mountains. I quickly bonded with both Caveman and Grace. I loved Grace's attitude. She has just a touch of sass and a whole lot of Independence. It was interesting watching Caveman convince Grace to take him up on his offer of protection. That could have a little bit to do with the incredible attraction between them. The attraction leads to some hot passion with plenty of fireworks. 

The suspense in this book is breath taking. My heart was pounding as I quickly flipped pages wondering how these two were going to get out of danger. I won't tell you too much because you are going to want to grab up your own copy of Hot Target and start reading now! 

This is the second book in the Ballistic Cowboy series but stands on it's own just fine. I have read Hot Combat and it is just as awesome as Hot Target. I would suggest grabbing them both now. If you are an Elle James fan like me your going to love them both!

I was given the opportunity to read this fantabulous book and it is my pleasure to share my thoughts with you.

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