Saturday, February 25, 2017

#Review - Wendi and Tink by Izzy Szyn

Izzy Szyn has written  hot and spicy story for all the f/f fans. Wendi and Tink is the first book in the promising Scandalous Fairytales series. Remember all those fairy tales that you loved as a child or you enjoy reading to your children? Scandalous Fairytales throws an interesting new twist to those great tales. 

Wendi's interview at Tinker Toyz leads to more than just a chance to design new toys. The job comes with a few interesting perks that she wasn't expecting. She quickly finds that she is going to enjoy this job more than she thought possible. 

Tee Belle runs a tight ship at Tinker Toyz. She has found an interesting way to keep her assistants in line. Tee Belle likes to be in control in all situations. 

This is one STEAMING hot book with an a touch of spice that is a new twist to Ms. Szyn's work. If you like f/f stories with a touch of BDSM you need to grab Wendi and Tink now. I promise you are going to devour this book quickly and you better grab a cold drink before you get started. This is a short story so it would make a great bed time read or a perfect story to warm up a cold night. 

I was given the opportunity read this oh so hot story and it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you.

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