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An Accidental Affair by Heather Boyd on SALE for LIMITED TIME ~The Distinguished Rogues ~ ONLY $.99

An Accidental Affair
The Distinguished Rogues Book 4
By Heather Boyd


London’s ballrooms and bedrooms thrive on scandal and decadent pleasure and the summer of 1814 will be no exception for the Distinguished Rogues in Heather Boyd’s latest Regency romance. 

Widowed beauty, Arabella Lawson, Lady Farnsworth, knows the value of independence after being trapped in a marriage that left her unfulfilled. Although she longs for a lover at last, she’s expected to chaperone her flirtatious niece during her first season. However, given the way the girl keeps disappearing every chance she gets, there is little hope of a good or speedy result. While searching for her charge yet again, she blunders into one of Lord Rothwell’s scandalous assignations. This time it’s Arabella’s turn to be on the receiving end of his hungry kisses, and she’s far from prepared to make the most of the opportunity. 

Gossip may paint Merrick Bishop, the Earl of Rothwell, as a notorious scoundrel when it comes to women, but this season his intentions are honorable. Duty bound to marry, he’s determined to discreetly court an open-minded bride and prove the gossipmongers wrong by being on his very best behavior… until in his frustration, he mistakenly kisses the wrong lady and discovers that everything about the encounter feels so very right. Merrick never once believed he had a chance with shy Arabella, and when the unthinkable happens, she turns to him not for an affair or hopes of marriage but for his friendship and protection from her own family. 

Can a rogue with a reputation for breaking hearts convince a widow who only hopes for an affair that their feelings are not only the stirrings of desire but the beginnings of the deepest and truest love? 

A sizzling regency romance novel


As some of you know, Heather Boyd has become one of my very favorite authors. When I find out she has a new book to read I get so excited, I'm like a kid with a brand new toy. When I found out An Accidental Affair was ready to be released I was beyond ecstatic! When I received this book I was just going to read a few pages. However I became so caught up in the story that I ended up reading the whole thing.

This story is about Lady Arabella that I met in Hunting the Hero. I just knew that Bella had an interesting story to tell and I am SO glad that Heather Boyd told her story.

There is just something about Bella that I adored right away. She has been through so much in life already. She had a loveless marriage that left her with a lot of questions about a normal married life. She is expected to assist with her niece's first season while under the watchful eye of her brother-in-law. In my opinion her brother-in-law is a jerk! I didn't like his attitude towards his own daughter or towards Arabella at all.

Merrick Bishop, the Earl of Rothwell is known for his playboy scandalous lifestyle. Now he is ready to settle down, he just has to find a wife that he wants to marry. When he meets Arabella and gets an unexpected chance to spend time with her, he suddenly finds himself drawn to her. Arabella is a tad bit shy and he isn't sure that he stands a chance with this charming lady at all.

One of the things I really admired about Merrick is that he takes responsibility for his family. He is loyal to them and they are very loyal to him. I don't want to give to much away here but parts of this story just melted my heart.

I really don't want to tell you too much, I don't want to spoil this wonderful story for you. I will tell you there is a LOT of drama that kept me turning the pages of this book quickly. Of course I have found when it's a book by Ms.Boyd I don't seem to have the ability to set it down anyway. Ms. Boyd has a wonderful way of writing an intriguing story that contains a nice amount of drama, mystery and of course some nice steamy scenes as well.

I really enjoyed reading Arabella's story and watching her relationship with Merrick grow. I also enjoyed that a few of the characters from the Wild Randall's series made an appearance in this book. I was excited to catch up with some old friends.

If you are a historical romance fan and have not had a chance to read Heather Boyd's work yet, give this book a try. I really do think you will enjoy it. I know it has certainly hit the list of one of my favorite books so far this year. I have to admit that I was very excited to read Arabella's story and An Accidental Affair surpassed even my expectations. If you are already a fan of Heather Boyd's, like me, then HURRY, click the link and grab your copy of this book. I have no doubt you will not be disappointed.

I was given the opportunity to read this book so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts on An Accidental Affair with you.


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