Sunday, May 17, 2015

Claiming Scarlet by Madison Sevier ~ River Jewel Resort Series Book #4 ~

I have had the chance to read a few books by Madison Sevier now. This author is very talented at those steaming hot scenes that just might tinge your fingers just a little bit while you're reading. 

Claiming Scarlet is a fabulous showcase of Madison Sevier's talent. Wow! This book has it all! A touch of mystery, a few of those steamy hot scenes, a touch of magic, a little drama and a whole lot of emotion. Ms. Sevier really reached out and touched my heart with this one. I am going to issue not only a steamy warning on this one but a Kleenex warning as well. Grab yourself a box of tissues because you very well may need them. I know I did. 

Kevin Sunman met his soul mate 20 years ago. Then she disappeared. His heart hasn't been the same since. He has traveled and searched for her all over. Kevin has a huge heart and has a very generous organization that he funds. I have to admit I love when the hero is not only a hunk but has a heart as well. 

Scarlet Noir has a special power that allows her to help others find love. She is the owner of  River Jewel Resort where everyone's dreams come true.

While Kevin is traveling he comes across the River Jewel Resort and spends the night. From there all kinds of things happen. He comes face to face once again with his soul mate. There are several secrets that are revealed along with a very emotional story from Scarlet. Then there is a biggie that was a huge surprise for me. No, I won't tell you what it is. Go grab a copy of Claiming Scarlet now and enjoy the ride for yourself. 

I really really enjoyed Claiming Scarlet. I can't wait to see what this talented lady comes up with next. No matter what it is I know I'll love it. 

I was given the opportunity to read this great story so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Claiming Scarlet.

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  1. Thrilled that Scarlet got her story finally! Thanks for sharing!